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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  February 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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goff. vegas on the potomac? >> president obama unknowingly played a role in a drug bust that netted 10 kilos of marijuana. >> plus bobby brown takes the stage right here in our area paying tribute to ex-wife whitney houston. we're going to begin with our weather, a storm everyone is starting to talk about because there is sn-n-o-w in the forecast. douglas? >> amazing. people are saying if this is going to be the one, we'd like to know what's going on. this storm is going to make its way up the coast from the south and make its way offshore by sunday afternoon. it's going to wrap in enough cold air that i do think most of the area will see a changeover to all snow. i do mean most othe area including parts of southern maryland are going to see the chance for some snow here. right now we did see rain come through the area a little earlier.
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that rain is out of here. we have a couple of nice days ahead on thursday and saturday. some of the latest data coming out right now, i'll update on what i think you may get in your area coming up in my full forecast. >> there is a proposal that would bring a high end casino to the banks of the potomac. even in its infancy, the idea is creating a lot of controversy. jackie bensen has the story. >> reporter: the proposal is a bold one. if prince georges county executive baker has his way, a full-style las vegas style casino will rise from this vacant space. in a statement he said i believe we should develop a world-class destination. i envision a facility that attracts tourist, visitors, meetings and conventions from
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all over the world. all types of numbers are being battered around. baker estimates the facility will cost $1 billion. a study estimates 40% of patrons will come from maryland, 15% from the district and 45% from virginia. but it is another number, 5,000 jobs, that gathered the most attention from county residents we spoke to. >> i think that's a good thing for the community, you know? i definitely think it's a good thing. it's definitely rough out here. >> a lot of people want jobs. it's hard out here to find a job. >> i don't mind. it brings money to the county and jobs. they're leaving the county to go do it at other places so why not. >> prince georges county members at the state legislature say they had no advance notice of this. they worry it could damage a pending slots bill. the governor says he also knows nothing but b it. reporting from national harbor,
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jackie bensen, news 4. >> maryland lawmakers will try against to debate the same-sex marriage bill this evening. lawmakers in the house of delegates voted in favor of an amendment to that bill in an effort to gain more support. that amendment would delay the law from taking effect until january of next year the sponsor of the amendment says that would allow more time to bring gay marriage to a referendum. up the road in new jersey, lawmakers did vote in favor of legalizing gay merge. however the new jersey governor vows to veto it. there are not now votes right now to override a veto. >> pulitzer prize winning reporter who worked for "the washington post" and new york times has died in syria. he spent much of his career covering stories in the middle east for the post. he went to the new york times in 2009 and most recently filed reports on the so-called arab spring. he was known for profiling
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ordinary people living in that volatile area. he was 43 years old. the times said it appears he died from an asthma attack. >> a startling development in a high-profile missing persons case. sources are telling news 4 they have identified a person of interest. 45-year-old allison tlesher disappeared from her bethesda home may of 2000. her car was found about a mile away. for almost 12 years, her disappearance as been a history. but in a court hearing in aun related case, police referenced what man in connection with the disappearance. >> nearly 100 students have
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gotten sick this week at george washington university. they are asking students to wash their hands more often. >> you could say president obama played a role in a big drug bust. a small plane crammed with marijuana flew into marine i's airspace out in los angeles while the president was on board. fighter jets had to intercept that plane and escorted it to a nearby airport where authorities more than 20 pounds of pot on board. the secret service says the president was never in any danger. that's certainly not the on surprise the president encountered on the west coast. one group greeted the president's motorcade and among the signs that was held w--
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>> recent polls are hurting mitt romney where it hurt, in his home state. romney did get the endorsement of current governor rick schneider today. he releasing a barrage of attack ads of rick santorum's spending. >> eleanor holmes norton stormed out of a hearing on contraception today. she was outraged because the panel only had men on it. a second panel after norton left did include women. >> the sound of bag pipes filled the area in alexandria for a paramedic who died in the line
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of duty. they came to pay their respects for 34-year-old josh weissman. he died last week while responding to a car fire. one of the most emotional parts of the ceremony came when his brother gabe read a letter written by the fall i don't know paramedic's widow. >> i'm going to miss the sound of his voice and especially his laugh, miss his big eyes looking at me in the morning and the way it felt like we could finally breathe again when he wrapped his arms around me. >> weissman was buried at alexandria's ivy hill cemetery. >> virginia lawmakers passed a bill. can you only be ticketed for texting if you're pulled over for a secondary offense like speeding. >> the federal government is trying to make it tougher to be distracted behind the wheel
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the national transportation safety board is asking all americans to voluntarily disable distracting dash board features while the vehicle is in motion. use of gps will be permitted but the safety administration wants systems designed so drivers cannot manually enter a destination unless the car is in park. >> tomorrow morning the maryland state senate will vote whether to censure ellias curry. it recommended he be stripped of leadership roles and, u an apolicy. he failed to disclose earnings at shoppers world warehouse. he failed to disclose interest in that store. >> new jersey's government
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called whitney houston the culture of new jersey. many say the honor should be reserved for fallen military servants or public servant. he also ordered flags lowered for bruce springsteen band member clarence clemens. >> the crowd erupted in cheers. they were very excited when bobby brown took center stage and paid a tribute to his ex-wife by saying "that's my love." brown joined his r & b group tonight at the show place arena. before the concert many fans told me they thought he wasn't going to show up. wnz's funeral son saturday. nbc news is reporting a spokesperson for bobby brown said that rumors that the family
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doesn't want bobby brown at the funeral are untrue. >> farewell to whitney. that's my love. life is life. you have move on sometimes. i love like i love god. >> brown will reportedly attend the ceremony to comfort the couple's daughter. shomari stone, news 4. >> all right. coming up next, part two of my conferring with irma goff. >> when you're vengeful like that and you're hateful, it hurts you, too. you become a different person. >> the wife and mother who lost four family members in a mass murder taurks abolks about the and how she was able to move on. >> amanda knox apparently has made a deal
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17 years ago a mass murder in potomac, maryland stunned the washington area. a doctor and his three daughters were killed along with a contractor. a family of six became a family of two. tonight irma goff, the wife and mother of four of those victims talks about her journey of survival and she talks about bruno alvarez, the killer. >> vengeance, no. he's sick.
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anybody that could could something like that is sick. >> bruno alvarez, hired by contractor mark aldridge kills aldridge and murders irma goff's house david and their three daughters, all in their home. in the wake of this horror, irma goff began a remarkable journey. >> i didn't have a choice. in my mind there was only one way and that was to put one foot in front of the other. >> and part of her survival focused on the killer. when he came to trial, goff did not want the death penalty. >> i did not want to be responsible for another life. my inlaws were alive, my father was alive, my son. i didn't want a three-ring circus. and the other issue is it was right after o.j. and i saw that and i didn't want any part of that. >> alvarez got sex life
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sentences, guaranteeing he will die in prison. >> and he was 20 years old. he's going to spend the rest of his life there. i'm living a life, my son's living a life so what does a five second lethal injection accomplish? >> she said she didn't do this out of compassion or forgiveness. she did it out of self-preservation. vengeance would accomplish nothing. >> if i could turn the clock back, if i could change, nothing would change. and when you're vengeful like that, when you're hateful, it hertz you, too. you become a different person. i didn't want that. i wanted to stay who i was. >> today irma goff will tell how she is. she is a happy woman now remarried to a strong and thoughtful man. her only surviving child, scott, is married and expecting his first child this summer. >> i can't wait to take her shopping or him. >> but her old life, that family, is far from lost.
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scott's wedding ring is a combination of the rings that irma and david wore and her daughter's things are always close by. you kept many of the girls' things. >> i compare it to putting something in a drawer. you put something away, you close the drawer but then again you go back and visit it. and i visit. i visit. >> what is that like? >> it's almost a ritual. i go to the cemetery very often. i go on the anniversary of july 20th. i go between rosh hashana and yom kippur. and i go and i talk to them and i tell them what's going on and i always kiss them good-bye. >> it takes strength to go on in the face of adversity and allowing yourself to be happy, to feel lucky, that takes guts. >> i think that people should really focus on what they have
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in life, not what they don't have. people make a battle out of everything. not everything needs to be a battle. life can be good. even under the most adverse situation. life can be good. >> and again, she'll tell you today she is happy and she is happy about that grandchild coming this summer. so we wish her well. >> strong and good woman. >> she's incredible. >> moving on, the american exchange student acquitted of murdering her roommate in italy has a book deal now. amanda knocks has a contract to publicm meher memoirs about the four years she spent in italy. that deal is wor about $4 million. >> what's up, partner? >> i'm sorry. i'm look at that book deal. >> exactly.
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$4 million. >> we still have until sunday. >> the next couple of days are going to be simply gorgeous. tomorrow a fantastic friday, saturday is looking good. sunday, though, i think the snow will are coming down in parts of the area. out there tonight, take a look at the cloud across the area tonight. we did see plenty of rain earlier today but that rain gave way to an actual nice night. temperatures are on the mild side right now into the 40s. 47 the high temperature across the area with a low this morning of 41. rain, well, we saw about 1/10 of an inch of rain across the area and it does look like snow is on the way here. i do think we're going to see some snow. the latest computer models just now coming in really confirming the fact we are going to see snow in our area. 43 now at the airport. winds are calm. a very nice night, nice and mild across the area. 41 at leasesburg, 41 at
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gaitersberg, manassis one of the cool sports at 37. the rain has continued to push out into the atlantic and we are right now high and dry. the rain will get out of here and give us sunshine tomorrow. this storm in texas will tn on its path down towards the gulf of mexico and then make a track up the coast. these are the kind of storms that we actually like if you're a snow lover because all they need is a little cold air down from the surface. i think we're going to get that cold air. this may start as rain in some areas but the latest computer models bring all snow, even close to the washington d.c. area. this is going to be a close call as we make our way through the day. if we do start as rain in some areas, i think everybody is going to end as some snow.
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how much? that's still what we need to determine here. i do think, however, we are going to see some impact from this storm. let's talk about our impact. i've lowered the low impact down through southern maryland. you have a good chance of accumulating snow through southern maryland and the moderate impact could be two, four inches, maybe more, montgomery, loudoun, fauk. it looking more and more likely like we'll have a significant snowfall. tomorrow afternoon a beautiful day, fantastic, 50 to 53. it will be a little breezy with winds gusting upward of 25 miles per hour. saturday looking good and then 38 with rain to snow and maybe all snow here monday, tuesday and wednesday we get right back above average once again. >> 60. >> 60 next thursday. >> i love this winter. thanks, doug.
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they done good, huh? >> they've been one of the few teams in the acc this year that have beaten of single team they're supposed to beat in the standings. they're not as high in the standings as they'd want to be. boston college came in struggling.
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stoagland smelled blood. terrell stoagland from beyond the arc. one of three straight 3-pointers he hit. 5 of 8 from three-point land. check out the spin move in the lane. gets the bucket and one. he had 19 in the first half. he'd finish with 24 in the game. second half maryland up by 8. nick faus, fancy passing here. a couple of plays later, faus again. it is showtime. the alley-oop to michael parker. maryland wins 81-65 over boston college. now 15 wins on the year. virginia tech and tallahassee taking on fsu. tied at 25 in the second half. aerk green steals the ball from luke locks and he's getting up the court quickly. 18 points for green.
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former wizard head coach knew it would be a long night. virginia tech takes a 15-point lead. florida state would chip away in this game. 45 seconds left. a big three-pointer right here. that makes it a 2-point game. then with 10 seconds left, michael snare buries it. last chance, ain't going to go. 48-47 is the final. tech the best free throw shooting team in the acc missed seven down the stretch. >> former capitals goalie olie colic. >> said ovechkin might be too wrapped up in his star status. >> i want to look like heim. he's the rock star -- actually, he was the rock star and right
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now he's in retirement. so, you know, it's normal station. i don't think you have to give lots of attention about what he said. it is what it is. >> seems to be taking it in stride. caps start a four-game road trip tomorrow. mike green making the trip after some strong practices and could play in his first game since early january. if you're alex ovechkin, at what point do you get that tooth fixed? do you go your whole career with no tooth? >> why
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talk about making the secret service crazy. you couldn't imagine president obama doing this. russian prime minister vladimir putin went to a bob sled training center near moscow and then he jumped into a bob sled with no helmet and took off for a ride. putin was president of russia from 2000 to 2008. he's running again. if he keeps that up -- >> couldn't get
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